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In view of the weather conditions forecast for La Chavade for the weekend of April 2 and 3, 2022 with snowfall, wind of around 90 km/h "La Burle", very negative temperatures with a feeling of -17°C, the ideal conditions for an orienteering competition are not met, far from it, both on the terrain and the road access not guaranteed to the site.
The terrain is mountainous with significant differences in altitude in places (see the MD map on the race site), and some steep and sheltered areas have retained snow from the last Cevenol episode.
The negative night temperatures for several days and temperatures announced at -8°C have led to the appearance of ice patches.
Under these conditions, the federal delegate decided, with the support of his fellow expert and the entire organising committee, to cancel and, if possible, postpone these two national races to a later date.
The organising committee will contact the clubs as soon as possible to consider the conditions of reimbursement according to the possible postponement or not of these races.
We are all deeply sorry but the security conditions are not met for this event.

* 27 march 2022

As reported in our News of 26/03, your entries for the Bauzon Long Distance have been revised to this second middle distance.
Check our work on 
 https://helga-o.com/start/index.php?lauf=2173 where the validated timetables will soon be published

 * 26 march 2022

MD 02 april start list

The Long Distance Race at La Croix de Bauzon on 3 April becomes a Medium Distance Race at La Chavade

Bulletin 3 on line

* 22 march 2022

Bulletin 2 is now on line

* 18 march 2022 

On 2 and 3 April, the CDCO 07 is testing the OUTDOOR VISION system, a project of the Pôle Ressources National Sports de Nature (National Resource Centre for Nature Sports) designed to improve knowledge of the flow of people practising nature sports and to preserve the sites and routes used for practising them.

After the races, upload your tracks to the OUTDOOR VISION website. The success of this experiment will depend on your contributions.

* 2 february 2022
Sprint registrations web site is open

* 26 january 2022
Registrations for Nationales races are open on FFCO web site and for WRE competitors on IOF web site.

* 2 january 2022
Web site is open.